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Welcome to my Island of Knit Designs!



     I am Alla, an independent designer and the person behind the Island Knit Design pattern collection. 

     I have learned to knit at a very young age, and even though I was a passionate knitter for many years, I never knitted from patterns and created each of my designs from scratch, I believed, anyone who can knit, doesn't need a pattern, and all she needs is the yarn and needles.

     Many times when people have seen me knitting in public, and, if they were knitters themselves, they asked me what pattern I am knitting from and wanted to have that pattern as well. I realized there are knitters of different levels who are perfecting their knitting skills from readily available patterns and on a constant look for new patterns and fresh ideas for their hand knit wardrobe. 


     My family and friends encouraged me to start sharing my passion by offering my fellow knitters the patterns of the knit designs I created and enjoyed solely by myself during all those previous years of my knitting adventure. This is how I had entered the pattern writing world and brought my creativity and joy for knitting onto a new level. 

     Hope you enjoy your experience on my site and find something interesting for yourself. 


     Happy knitting!