Hello and welcome to my island!


     I am Alla, an independent designer and the person behind the Island Knit Design pattern collection. 

     I have learned to knit at a very young age. Being a passionate knitter ever since, I haven't knitted from patterns, I didn't know they exist. It's been a joy to indulge in this craft starting with the basics, playing with stitches and finding my own way of doing things. It seemed very natural for me to create each of my designs from scratch, and I believed, anyone can do it. 

     It took me some while before I realized there are knitters of different levels who are enjoying knitting for various reasons and on a constant look for new patterns and fresh ideas for their hand knits. 


     My family and friends encouraged me to start sharing my passion with others by offering the patterns to the wonderful community of knitters. This is how I brought my creativity and joy for knitting onto a new level. 

     Hope you enjoy your experience on my site and find something interesting for yourself. 


     Happy knitting!